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Please apply as a supplier to receive new inquires. After successfully checking you application, we will get back to you and complete your profile as well as provide you with further information regarding our system and sourc-e. In case there are any questions please feel free to reach out at any point:

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Partnerships as cornerstone for success.

A successful cooperation requires a partnership-like business relationship in order to work efficiently.

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How sourc-e helps you as a supplier


No fees for being part of our supplier network and no provision fees.


Direct access to new clients through sourc-e.

Effort for proposals

No unnecessary calculations since clients can only contact you if there is a specific intention of purchasing.

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Application at sourc-e

Apply today as a supplier for our efficient purchasing process tool.

Sustainable partnership as primary focus of our efforts

A successful entry process and long-term cooperation with our suppliers are based on two main factors that are essential for our way of working. On the one hand there is a partnership-like business relationship as well as a good performance in regards to the production process. sourc-e offers suppliers a free-to-use opportunity to sell their offerings without generating more work on the sales side of things.

Step 1:

Application as a supplier

The very first step is the application as a potential supplier on our website.

Step 2:

Examination of the application

Consequently, we will examine your application and decide whether or not you are a suitable match for you accredited supplier network.

Step 3:

Entering of machine data

In the interest of our algorithm function properly, you have to enter your machine data and cost sets of each machine. Judging by our experience, this may take up to 2 hours per machine.

Schritt 4:

Test calculation & release

Finally we will test the algorithm by doing a variety of complex test calculations. If you are satisfied with the results, we will release your machines into our verified network. You can then call yourself officially a member of the sourc-e family.

Schritt 5:


Now it's time to show your potential clients your unique competitive advantages (certificates, post processing and more). You can depict yourself just the way you want to be perceived by our clients.

Are you ready to increase your revenue without putting more effort into sales?

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