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Frequently asked questions

What happens to my data?

The machine and performance data of your print shop are required for the calculation of prices by our calculation engine. The data is securely stored on our servers in Frankfurt am Main using the newest encryption techniques.

Am I automatically part of the connect partner network?

No. Our connect partner network is a product that is offered completely separately by sourc-e direct. Your data can only be used by your sales staff.

Do the prices match the internal calculation?

Yes, we will work with you to perform extensive test calculations to ensure that the results of our tool match those of the calculation. The tool will not be released until this is guaranteed.

"The innovative concept of sourc-e helps us to optimize our sales & the development of new customer potentials."

Sebastiaan Baaijens

Sales Director Koninkiijke Drukkerij Em. de Jong and Jungfer Druck

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Winning more orders & satisfying customers - sourc-e direct makes it possible. The cost-effective solution for print shop sales teams.

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