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SOURC-E connect

Print procurement easily & innovatively.

Our software enables you to identify the most efficient supplier within seconds.

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sourc-e connect

If your goal is to create a fast, safe and efficient way for you company to handle the print procurement, sourc-e is the only solution for that on the global market. By using our software sourc-e connect, a digital purchasing tool, you are able to reduce your efforts of your purchasing process to a few clicks on you computer. The result is a quick overview of potential suppliers and an improvement in your purchasing performance.


Benefit from sourc-e


Only work with our trusted & highly skilled suppliers.


Get proposals within a few seconds.

Reduce cost

Identify the best supplier in you individual supplier pool.


Receive suggestions for optimization regarding your specifications.

Our process

Step 1: Set-Up

During our initial meeting, we define the feature set that is relevant for your company. In that meeting we will discuss relevant parameters like users with releasing rights, selection of suitable suppliers and outlining your base data (delivery addresses, payment terms and more). Based on that we will set up your individual system and thoroughly explain the system to all of your employees if necessary.

Our process

Step 2: Purchasing with sourc-e

Based on all that data you can quickly decide which supplier you would like to chose for that order and simply oder the product.From now on you can calculate your potential proposals right on the data of your potential suppliers within seconds. The process is straight forward: you enter the specifications of your printing object into our system and then the algorithm calculates the best proposals for you. The best part ist that the software does not only show you the prices of the different suppliers but suggests ways how you can optimize you specifications.

"sourc-e is the ideal solution in order to realize results in an easy and efficient manner"

Markus Schmidt

Head of Indirect Purchasing Services, Marketing, Mobility, Vaillant GmbH


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Get a brief overview of connect and what it really does for you company and purchasing process.

Background information

Our process to the connect solution

Every time one of our clients calculates the production and price for a printing object, there are more than 1 million different variations that our algorithm is calculating taking into account the supply chain, paper formats, machines and the different sheetfeeds for every supplier in the client's individual supplier pool. All that is happening within a few seconds.There are a million ways of producing a print product. sourc-e has developed an one-of-its-kind algorithm which is based on the data of printing machines within 24 months in order to take in account all of the ways to produce a print product and to ensure an efficient production.

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